District Launches Strategic Planning Process PDF Print E-mail
The Wayland Union Schools Board of Education and Administration has launched a new initiative to guide the District through a 3-5 Year Strategic Planning Process in collaboration with the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB). The purpose of this initiative is to help develop new goals and strategies to offer an excellent education for students, while using scarce public education resources in the most effective and efficient way.

In September and early October, input was gathered from staff, parents, business owners, and community members on the strengths of Wayland Union Schools, areas for improvement, and ideas about the vision/future.

On Saturday, November 1st, a Strategic Planning Team made up of 35 members representing parents, staff, community members, students, and Board trustees spent the day reviewing the results of stakeholder input along with essential district data.  The team developed four key areas from which to generate goals in the next month.  Those focus areas include: Student Achievement, Learning Environment/Facilities, Community Relations/Communications/Marketing, and Finances/Business Operations.  Committees created for these focus areas will present potential goals to the Board in December.  Once adopted, these goals will help focus our efforts and move the district forward in the years ahead to assist Wayland Union Schools to be the best school district possible.

The benefits of the strategic planning process are many. Most notable are:
• Presents a clear picture of the district’s current status
• Sets focused strategic goals that identify target areas to improve student achievement
• Clearly delineates the role of the board of education and the superintendent and staff in strategic planning
• Uses data to set goals and make important decisions
• Helps identify areas to allocate increasingly scarce resources
• Aligns board priorities with school improvement processes

Scott Morrell, Michigan Association of School Boards, is the consultant working with the district to complete the strategic plan.