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Baker Elementary School
507 W. Sycamore Street
Wayland, MI 49348
Phone: 269-792-9208
Fax: 269-792-2092 


Each day, Baker Elementary welcomes nearly 300 Young 5's through first grade students to a wonderful, creative, safe place of learning.  In addition, a variety of preschools with enrollment of an additional 125 students are part of the population of our school. Our excellent faculty and caring staff give children an environment to learn about the world, the community and themselves.

Our goal is to help every child communicate effectively.  This means we focus on reading, writing and speaking. Faculty members emphasize early reading skills and devote a minimum of 120 minutes every day to literacy activities.  Because reading and writing are closely linked, with one activity strengthening the other, our school improvement centers on these two topics. 

Baker Elementary has been labeled a Focus School by the Michigan Department of Education due to the achievement gap between the lowest 30% of students and the highest 30% of students.

Baker Elementary will continue to focus on improving overall reading and math achievement and closing the gap between our lowest and highest scoring students.  In order to address this state requirement, Baker Elementary will continue to provide quality instruction from highly qualified teachers and to teach reading and math skills based on the Common Core State Standards.  You can assist our efforts by supporting your child’s school experiences, communicating with your child’s teachers, and volunteering at Baker Elementary. We appreciate the continued support of parents, staff and our community in this effort.

   Celeste L. Diehm
   Principal, Baker Elementary




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