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Students take part in Big Apple Crunch PDF Print E-mail

On your mark, get ready...CRUNCH!

Today WUS students took part in the National Big Apple Crunch - an attempt to set the world record for the most participants in an Apple-Crunching Event.  Approximately 1,500 WUS students participated and at 9:35am simultaneously took a bite out of their apples!!  Chartwells, the district’s food service company, donated the apples.  More info at http://bigapplecrunch.org  

2014 Innovation Grants Awarded PDF Print E-mail
The Wayland Union Education Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 Innovation Grant awards, totaling $17,151. Congratulations to the following staff for making application and being selected to receive a grant. Awarded each year, innovation grants allow teachers to request funds for new teaching tools, programs, or technology that the district budget cannot cover. Many of the innovation grant ideas have blossomed into building or district-wide programs.

Nikkia Robinson & Rebecca Thebo – Middle School Drama Advisory Teachers, were awarded the opportunity for students to extend and apply their knowledge of literature and the performing arts in the school setting. ‘Drama Class’ will be implemented during Advisory time and will serve as an enrichment program for those students interested in developing their performance and critical thinking skills. Students will perform for parents and the community sometime in June to showcase what they have learned throughout the year.
Aleisa Licari – Dorr Elementary, was awarded a one year membership for ‘Spelling City’ which will benefit all students in the 3rd grade at Dorr Elementary. This program will allow teachers to meet each student at the level they are functioning at, and take them to the next level. Students will tap into more word meaning, content vocabulary and cross curricular word study units. This program is web based, and is also available as a mobile app which can be used as an added learning tool at home. This resource will combine the age levels love of technology with the golden rules of the printed word.                    

Nikkia Robinson – Middle School Spanish Teacher, was granted an opportunity for Spanish Club participants, so that ALL students can extend their knowledge of world cultures. Students will identify similarities and differences between the target culture and their own; they will use the language for enjoyment in the school environment and beyond to become lifelong learners; and will recognize distinctive viewpoints only represented by the target language and its cultures.        

Jeff Braginton – HS/CCA Teacher, was awarded a classroom trip to Camp Manitou-lin so students can participate in team building and self-esteem building workshops, which will help them work effectively with one another throughout the school year.            

Rebecca Patterson – Middle School Art Teacher, received a grant to purchase TruGlide Pro Precision stylus pens for her art students to use when drawing on the iPad. In order to have an accurate and true drawing experience when using iPad drawing apps in art, students need a high quality stylus specifically made for art.
Michelle Foster – Middle School Science Teacher, was awarded the opportunity to enhance student exposure to STEM (Science Technology and Math) education through Engineering Opportunities and Robotics. In this model, teachers become the facilitators not the dispenser of knowledge, and students create their own learning. Lego robotics addresses the need for math, logic, programming, teamwork and hands-on construction skills. Students learn that friendly competition and mutual gain are not separate goals, and that helping one another is the foundation of teamwork.    

Award recipients will provide the Wayland Union Education Foundation with updates and photos throughout the year as to the success of their awards. The Education Foundation provides the opportunity for all staff to apply for an Innovation Grant, annually. Applications are reviewed and recommendations are made to the Board of Directors for approval, based on innovation and how these awards will benefit the student population.  To learn more about the Wayland Union Education Foundation see their website at www.waylandfoundation.org
Wayland High School presents The Beverly Hillbillies PDF Print E-mail

The Wayland Union High School theater program will be performing the play, The Beverly Hillbillies, November 7-9, 2014 at the Wayland Union Fine Arts Center.  Performances on Friday and Saturday are at 7:00pm with a Sunday matinee at 3:00pm.  There is no charge and the public is welcome!

The play, created by Paul Henning and adapted by David Rogers, is based on the hit 1960's TV show of the same name about a group of backwoods hillbillies that end up living in Beverly Hills after striking oil on their land.

The play is directed by Rebecca Black with a cast of 21 students:
Granny                Zach Karmen
Jed Clampett        JR Bouterse
Elly May               Caila VanHees
George Turner       Michael Rybiski
Brewster              Josh Cole
Cousin Pearl         Megan Van Hees
Jethro                 Ridge Reigler
Mr. Drysdale        Dietrich Mueller
Mrs. Drysdale       Corry Hancock
Miss Hathaway        Gloria Pacic
Mrs. Pennyweather    Emily Henderson
Percy                     Josiah Buggs
Gloria Mundy         Tiara Vincent
Emaline Fetty         Deanna Battjes
Frederika Collins     Lizzy Cobb
Colonel Foxhole        Corey Ordway
Mrs. Stokely-Smith    Caitlin Fields
Mr. Oglethorpe        Josh Cole
Mrs. Oglethorpe        Jessica Noble
Groovy Monahon      Callie Johnson
Frank Richards        Michael Kelly

Debate Day PDF Print E-mail

Wayland High School Hosts Debate Day for Area Schools

Wayland High School Debate program hosted Debate Day 2014 for area high school debate students.  They partnered with Michigan State University, Mona Shores High School, and East Kentwood High School to offer a day of debate instruction and fun.

Debate Day brings students, teachers, coaches, and community members together to promote awareness of the benefits of policy debate while preparing students for the rigors of policy debate. It encourages a learning community where coaches and students brainstorm, collaborate, model scholarship, show curiosity, and foster growth.

The schedule included a meet and greet, demonstration debate, lunch, activities and breakout sessions. Andrea Brown, WUHS Debate Coach, helped coordinate the event.

The schools involved were- Catholic Central, Wayland, East Kentwood, Mona Shores, Forest Hills Central, Northview, Grand Rapids City and Rockford.  Students from the MSU Debate Team and their Director were also in attendance.

Vocational & Special Education Headlee Restoration Millage PDF Print E-mail

On November 4, 2014, there will be two millage proposals from the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency (AAESA) on the ballot -1) Vocational Education Proposal 2) Special Education Proposal.

Years ago, Allegan County voters authorized millage levels to fund vocational and special education.  Since then, the millages for these important services have been reduced by what is commonly referred to as the Headlee Amendment.  Restoration to the original millage levels that were set by voters would have positive impact on the education of all students in Allegan County.

If the Vocational Education Proposal is passed:

  • Fund the Allegan County Area Technical & Education Center
  • Would restore 0.3037 mill back to the original 1.78 mills
  • Would generate $809,953 per year if approved
  • Cost of restoration to taxpayers: $15.19/year (based on home valued at $100,000)

If the Special Education Proposal is passed:

  • Funds the special education services for all local districts
  • Would restore 0.5203 mill back to the original 3.050 mills
  • Would generate $1,387,442 per year if approved
  • Cost of restoration to taxpayers: $26.02/year (based on home valued at $100,000)

What does this mean for Wayland Union Schools?

  • Would restore $205,000 to the general fund budget to impact all Wayland Union Schools students
  • Would support 120 Wayland Union School students each trimester attending the Allegan County Area Technical & Education Center
For more information, please contact the AAESA Administration at (269) 673-2161 or the Wayland Union Schools Administration at (269) 792-2181.

Download the informational flyer for more details. 

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