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Dorr Evacuation Incident PDF Print E-mail
During the morning of May 19, 2014, a situation occurred that raised a red flag at the office at Dorr Elementary School.  Building administrators quickly informed the authorities to get their advice and feedback.  During the meeting with the police, more information came forward.  Due to the behavior of the person of interest and the suspicious bag left at the school, students were evacuated with the help of the State Police.

Students responded very well to the evacuation and acted appropriately at the Fire Station.  Within minutes,  650 staff and students were at a safe location. Prior to the evacuation Young 5’s, Kindergarten, and 1st and 2nd graders were able to eat their lunches at Dorr.  The 3rd and 4th grade students were fed at 1:00pm at the Fire Station so all the students were able to have lunch.

The person of interest is under investigation by police.  At no time were any students at risk as Dorr staff and police took all proper steps to ensure their safety.

The number one expectation and concern is the safety of our students.  One of the main steps that were taken was to send out an Infinite Campus email and text message at 12:26.  A few parents did not receive the notice in a timely manner, if you did not receive an email and/or text message from the first alert, please log in to the Parent Portal to update your contact preferences. At 1:46pm, another message was sent via email, text, and phone to provide an update on the situation.  There were de-briefing meetings with authorities to ensure we continue to keep our students safe.

A special thanks to the number of parents who came to help - Dorr Elementary staff, Dorr Township staff, police and fire personnel.
2014 Outstanding People for Education PDF Print E-mail

Congratulations to our 2014 Outstanding People for Education!!  The purpose of the award is to honor and recognize people in public education who are excelling in their field and are making a difference in the quality of education in Allegan County.  From the 24 nominees, 3 were selected to receive the award. They are Celeste Diehm, Karen Gabrielse, and Rita Nowling.  They will be honored at the Allegan County School Boards Association Banquet on June 11.  

Thanks to all the nominees who are making a difference in education at Wayland Union Schools!!

2014 Nominees:

Kelly Boston                              Pine/Middle                                      Media Specialist
Kristen Brown                           Dorr Elementary                               1st grade teacher
Jackie Corwin                           Dorr Elementary                               Spec Ed Parapro  Level4B Aide
Lisa Cross                                Pine Street                                       5th Grade Teacher
Celeste Diehm                          Baker  Elementary                             Principal
Amanda Fischer                       Baker/Pine/ Middle                            School Psychologist
Karen Gabrielse                        High School                                      Science Teacher
Roy Harter                               High School                                      Teacher/coach
Amy Huyck                               High School                                      Media Technology Specialist
Karen Iehl                                Pine Street                                       Special Ed Teacher
Chris Jasinski                            High School                                      Social Studies Teacher
Jenny Lamb                              Pine Street                                       Media Aide
Deb Merchant                           Pine Street                                       Aide
Julie Mulder                              High School                                      Athletic Secretary
Rita Nowling                             Steeby Elementary                            Principal
Jody Pratt                                 volunteer/sub                                   Volunteer/sub
Cassiday Roberts                       High School                                     Accounting Secretary
Dave Robinson                          High School                                      Science Teacher
Robyn Robinson                        CCA/Pine Street Dean of Students
Robin Sidebotham                     Dorr Elementary                               Social Worker
Chris Teller                              District/High                                      Fine Arts Center Director
Chris TerVree                           Dorr Elementary                               4th Grade Teacher
Chase Vandenberg                    Steeby                                             Long term sub
Cierra Winne                            Dorr Elementary                               Special Ed Teacher


Be Nice Flyover PDF Print E-mail

In celebration of Mental Health Month and “be nice.” day, the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan will hold its third annual “be nice.” flyover on May 1 & 2, 2014.  This event was postponed for Wayland Union Middle School until May 9th due to the weather.  Students went out on the practice football field and created the message "#nice."

The middle school launched their Be Nice campaign this school year and has had many positive activities throughout the year that included assemblies, contests between advisory classrooms, and a mix-it up lunch to get to know others outside their peer group. The middle school Builders Club and Student Council paired up to coordinate these school wide events which brought about an increased awareness of anti-bullying to students.

Laura Schreiber, WUMS teacher, wrote a grant to the Wayland Union Education Foundation to bring the be nice campaign to the school.

The Mental Health Foundation’s “be nice.” initiative is a positive initiative designed to spread awareness surrounding the issues of Mental Health, and the understanding that you can affect how someone thinks, acts and feels by the way that you treat them.  The Mental Health Foundation spreads this message throughout forty West Michigan school districts…and counting!

Girls Varsity Basketball Team named Academic All State PDF Print E-mail

The Wayland Union High School Girls Varsity Basketball Team received two honors from the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan.  They were named Academic All State for a team GPA of 3.807, 7th in the state in Class B.  Only 10 teams per class receive this recognition.  The team also earned recognition for Team 3 Point Field Goal Percentage.  Presley Hudson was named a first team member of the BCAM’s best and Individual Academic All State.  The team is coached by Marty Howard.  Congratulations girls!!

Back row (l-r):  Aliya Cutler, Caroline Miller, Presley Hudson, Samantha Merren.  Front row (l-r): Sydney Couturier, Morgan Winger, McKenna Toman, Ali Martus, Allison Getty.

High School Plans Evening Academic & Athletic Awards Night PDF Print E-mail
For the first time, Wayland Union High School will hold their Academic and Athletic assembly at night rather than during school hours.  The award night will be held on Tuesday, May 20 at 6:30pm in the Wayland Union Fine Arts Center which is adjacent to the high school. 

“We wanted to give family and friends an opportunity to share in an important part of their child’s senior year,” said Principal Tom Cutler. “We would also like to extend the invitation to the community.”

Prestigious awards that will be announced include the Citizenship Award given to one senior each year who is nominated and selected by faculty members.  The recipient has a high academic standing and has shown leadership and good citizenship throughout their high school career.

Other awards include the Louis Japinga Memorial Award which is awarded to the top male athlete of the year.  The Multer Award is given in memory of Harry Multer, a former teacher at Wayland Union Schools, is given to the top female athlete of the year.  Both the Japinga and Multer Awards do not have to be given to a senior and are based on athletic ability, citizenship, scholarship, and leadership.  They are selected by vote from the head varsity coaches.

Scholarship awards will also be announced.  This year, over $1.9 million dollars in scholarships will be awarded to seniors.

The public is invited to attend and refreshments will be served in the Grand Hall after the ceremony.  For more information, please call the high school at (269) 792-2254.
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